Monday, October 27, 2008

going dotty!

I finally worked up the energy to whipper-snip the yard. Not that it requires that much actual energy, but it is a very frustrating job, because it involves refilling the whipper-snipper with line, which is a very annoying job! And then sometimes, if I am stupid, I leave the line too long and it all winds around its-self and created a huge tangle. And other times I get a couple of metres of edge snipped and it runs out of line again. So anyhow, I got it done without too many dramas. Of course I managed to dong myself in the head with the power cord plug as I was carrying it back to the shed. And also there is the slight issue with my right leg now looking like I have the measles. Note to self : its not a good idea to whipper-snip in shorts.

On a different note, I just bought us tickets for next years P!nk Concert. In June. Gee next year is filling up already!

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caite said...

ali, I detect a skippy-ish incident there!