Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 90th Birthday Pa!!

On Saturday it was my Grandfather's 90th Birthday. I made the cake. I used my Gran's recipe for chocolate cake. It was the cake she always made us for our birthdays. I have written the recipe down in my recipe note-book as told to me by my Mum over the phone many years ago. THere is a secret to the recipe. The recipe says 2 eggs, but the secret Gran twist is that you actually put in 3 eggs and get a better result. This was an accidental discovery by my Gran, but it is the way I always make this cake. Its a simple, tasty chocolate cake.

MMMMM chocolate cake batter. I actually made this cake twice. I had a slight disaster with the icing during round one. So that cake ended up in the bin, and I made a second cake after a quick trip to Woolies for some more ingredients.

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