Monday, March 03, 2008

Wet Weekend

Yay! We were allowed to use the hose for 1 hour on Saturday afternoon. We washed our cars. I have never washed my car. We've taken it through the car wash a few times, but I have never actually washed it with a hose since we got it last May. We haven't been allowed to. So I briefly have a shiny car again. It is kind of embarassing to admit how much joy was had from actually turning on the hose. We sadly had it stretched out into the front yard 3 hours before we were allowed to use it. Theres nothing like being prepared!!

Before the excitement of being able to use the hose, we sorted out our little garden bed next to the letterbox. A few weeks ago we pulled a heap of scraggly plants out of there, and now we have completed the make-over by adding some rocks. It took 2 trips to Bunnings to complete the job, because we didn't quite buy enough rocks, so I had to go back and get 1 more bag of the red ones. We like it.We spent Sunday afternoon in our nice dark lounge room watching episodes of Party of Five Season 1. Nice and relaxing!

We are also experiencing some technical difficulties with our computer. The keyboard and mouse are not working when they are plugged into their proper ports at the back of the computer brain. They do work when I plug them into the usb ports in the front (the only spare ones) This is not going to work because then I have nowhere to plug the camera or my flash drive in. So I am having to upload photos at work. I will have to call the place I got the computer from and see if they still exist so we can get it fixed. Perhaps a certain little cat has been playing with the cords behind the computer and has broken something.

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