Friday, March 07, 2008

all sorted!

Yay, our computer is fixed!! I might be able to get some stuff done on it this weekend. What I really need to do is send our trip itinerary file to myself at work so that I can make use of my lunch time and find directions from train stations to hotels and useful things like that. Because I have no idea of where we are staying off the top of my head.

I think I have Jeya booked into the pet motel now. I have at least spoken to an actual person who wrote down the dates and took my phone number. The conversation ended with, "we'll see you then" So I take it that means all is ok. Apparently their email intermittently does not work - I would suggest they should remove the email booking option from their website in that case! Their answering machine is also on the malfunctioning list. The lady told me that I didn't leave a phone number, or that the machine cut out. It was the machine cutting out. I definitely left my number. Anyhow all sorted now.

Janet has a lady coming over on Monday to sort out the cats. It is a pet sitter. I have warned the girls to not let her sit on them. I can't believe how much this holiday is costing. Well I can believe. But its crazy. The animals alone are costing us something crazy like $35 a day. And they are not going anywhere.

3 more weeks till we leave!!!!!

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