Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Computer gone!

The computer man took our computers brain away last night to see what is wrong with it. He was going to test it and let us know what our options are. He rang this morning, and it looks like not much is wrong with it. SO good news there! We are getting him to upgrade the memory while he has it, so it should go faster. Yay!!

Its less than 4 weeks to go till our holiday!! Double YAY! (YAY YAY!!!!) We still haven't sorted out the cats or the dog yet. I emailed the pet motel for Jeya, but they haven't answered me. So I better call them or we'll be stuck! Janet is sorting out the cats. I think we have decided on pet sitters for them. I didn't want Jeya all alone in the backyard for a whole month, which is why we are taking her to the pet motel. The cats will be happier if we leave them home. Thats the theory anyway. So we may have to send all 3 of them out to work to pay for it. Animal accomodation is very expensive!!

I think one of our TV's died this morning also. It was one we were given, so we can live without it. Its just the trauma of having to unplug everything that is connected to it and working out how to reconnect it all back up to the old tv. And then rearranging the living room again. Oh the drama of it all! haha. It was still working this morning, its just that the picture had a kind of green tint to it, so everyone looked kind of sea-sick.

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