Monday, March 10, 2008

Lions & Monkeys!!

We went for a walk on Saturday to the video shop to rent a movie. Okay, I guess I should actually call it the dvd shop these days. Or perhaps I could just call it Blockbuster. You get the picture. It was a very exciting walk, because on the way we saw monkeys & lions!!!! Cool bananas!! Yes, there is a circus in residence at Waller Park, and we cut through the park on our walk. So we got a close up view of the monkeys and lions. Who were rather stinky.

We eventually found a movie to watch. There are never any good movies there. I am not sure why. Its not like we go out and see every movie ever made, so there should be lots of movies that we haven't seen, but want to see. But there never seems to be. We ended up with the movie "History Boys" I won't recommend it. It wasn't terrible, but it was a bit waffley for my liking. Maybe next time we will find something good?

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