Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Saturday night after dinner and cake, it was time to turn off the lights for Earth Hour. So we sat around a candle. And laughed. Mum & Dad had found the book where we used to write the agendas of our Family Meetings. Oh dear. It seems we used to have to discuss the "3 C's" at every meeting. Which I think were consideration, cooperation & compromise. We mustn't have been very good at that, because it waws mentioned on just about every page. Along with things like Alison's Temper Tantrums, Alisons Floor and the mysterious Alison - barking. (which we later deciphered to be Alison - banking). Oh what fun a trip down memory lane is. hmmmm.

Scott's Birthday Dinner

On Saturday night we went out to dinner for Scotts birthday. Unfortunately Gina was sick, so couldn't make it. We went to the Stir Fry Cafe at Jindalee. Which we have been to quite a few times before.

To start with we had some prawn toast.

And some vegie Spring Rolls. The spring rolls might look a little over done, but they tasted delicious.

Then there was some Salt & Pepper White Bait, which is what my parents always order here. It looks a little like crispy white worms. But is reportedly delicious.

Mixed Vegetables - a little too heavy on the onion and very light on the carrot and red capsicum. Nice and crunchy though!

Mongolian Lamb. Scott's Choice. The waitress suggested this as being a very popular dish. Was quite heavy on the vegetables.

My choice - Crispy fried tofu with Salt & Pepper. Really crispy chunks of tofu with a spicy sauce on the side. Inside the crunchy shell was soft silken tofu. Yum!!

Janet's Choice - Honey King Prawns. Shock!!!! Its not Sweet & Sour Pork!!

Then it was off to Mum & Dad's place for present opening. AND CAKE!!

I was playing around with the settings on the camera - trying out the candle light setting.

MMMMMMMM Cake - yummmmmmmm!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Photos


Here are some pictures I took at Southbank on Saturday Afternoon/night. The big wheel thing is a giant ferris wheer you can go on and get a nice (I presume) view of the city. It costs $15 per person for a ride. We didn;t go on it. We went and saw Chicago instead. We had front row seats and it was excellent!!

The Wheel behind a tree

Out to Dinner - March - Amici's Southbank

Before we went to see Chicago on Saturday night, we went to Amici's at Southbank for some dinner. We got there just around 6pm, so quite early and the place was very busy. We last ate here on the night before our wedding, so almost 4 years ago.

Tonight we were seated outside not quite under an umbrella, so when the breeze picked up we briefly wondered what would happen if it started to rain (I guess we would have gotten wet, but it didn't happen, so it didn't matter!)

We both ordered lasagne - and whilst it was quite tasty, I think we could have made it better ourselves.

Vegetarian Lasagne $17
Whilst this was tasty enough, it had vry large chunks of carrot & squash in it as the vegetable component. I think they could do better than this. What about some zuccinni, eggplant and spinach? Large chunks of vegetables don't really go so well.
Lasagne (Meatertarian) $16
Janet thought the sauce was a bit too runny.
So not the best meal of all time, but we cleaned our plates, so it can't have been too bad!
This was our dining companion -it sat behind me for most of the meal.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Janet!

So on Saturday it was Janet's birthday, and we seem to have spent the whole weekend eating.

A bit of present opening was followed by pancakes for breakfast. Then I mowed the lawn while Janet finished reading her Library book. Then it was off to the library for an exciting birthday outing, followed by a stop at Amart Allsports for some new running shoes for me. Stupid lady tried to tell me that the size 10 shoes I was about to try on wouldn'
t fit me and I should try a size 6. Even though I had previouslt tried on an 8 1/2 which was toooo small. Stupid woman then made some comment about not needing a boat if I went fishing when the 10's fit me.

Anyway, next stop was Brodies for lunch - Chicken Roll for Janet, and a Brodie Burger minus the meat for me. Plus some delicious chippies. THey make them fresh, so they are deliciously crunchy.

For dinner we went with Pam & Sid to Sizzler. This is my plate....

This is Janet's salad bar plate.....

And her Fisherman's something or other meal.....

Then on Sunday it was off to my parent's place for a barbeque.... and my Mum made us crepes for desert...yum!!! I made an experimental cake.... because janet likes doughnuts, I call it a doughnut inspired sponge cake. It was Nigella's Victoria Sponge cake with some cinnamon added, I then brushed the 2 cakes with melted butter and rolled them in cinnamon sugar, and sandwiched them together with Mock cream. It worked quite well, although if I did it again, I would not add the cinnamon to the cake, I'd just make it vanilla-ey.