Monday, March 23, 2009

Out to Dinner - March - Amici's Southbank

Before we went to see Chicago on Saturday night, we went to Amici's at Southbank for some dinner. We got there just around 6pm, so quite early and the place was very busy. We last ate here on the night before our wedding, so almost 4 years ago.

Tonight we were seated outside not quite under an umbrella, so when the breeze picked up we briefly wondered what would happen if it started to rain (I guess we would have gotten wet, but it didn't happen, so it didn't matter!)

We both ordered lasagne - and whilst it was quite tasty, I think we could have made it better ourselves.

Vegetarian Lasagne $17
Whilst this was tasty enough, it had vry large chunks of carrot & squash in it as the vegetable component. I think they could do better than this. What about some zuccinni, eggplant and spinach? Large chunks of vegetables don't really go so well.
Lasagne (Meatertarian) $16
Janet thought the sauce was a bit too runny.
So not the best meal of all time, but we cleaned our plates, so it can't have been too bad!
This was our dining companion -it sat behind me for most of the meal.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi :)

Amazing dining companion. It is a good idea to have a companion like this because while you ate he merely stood and admired you and while you spoke he appreciated you without saying a word.


Have a nice day :)