Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scott's Birthday Dinner

On Saturday night we went out to dinner for Scotts birthday. Unfortunately Gina was sick, so couldn't make it. We went to the Stir Fry Cafe at Jindalee. Which we have been to quite a few times before.

To start with we had some prawn toast.

And some vegie Spring Rolls. The spring rolls might look a little over done, but they tasted delicious.

Then there was some Salt & Pepper White Bait, which is what my parents always order here. It looks a little like crispy white worms. But is reportedly delicious.

Mixed Vegetables - a little too heavy on the onion and very light on the carrot and red capsicum. Nice and crunchy though!

Mongolian Lamb. Scott's Choice. The waitress suggested this as being a very popular dish. Was quite heavy on the vegetables.

My choice - Crispy fried tofu with Salt & Pepper. Really crispy chunks of tofu with a spicy sauce on the side. Inside the crunchy shell was soft silken tofu. Yum!!

Janet's Choice - Honey King Prawns. Shock!!!! Its not Sweet & Sour Pork!!

Then it was off to Mum & Dad's place for present opening. AND CAKE!!

I was playing around with the settings on the camera - trying out the candle light setting.

MMMMMMMM Cake - yummmmmmmm!

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