Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Lunch!!

After breakfast, we moved on to our next meal - Lunch!! The venue - my Aunt's place, where we had a nice relaxed gift opening session, before moving to the table for a bite or two to eat :-)

First up there was a gigantic bowl of rather large prawns, which were eaten with a dipping sauce made by Bill, as well as this delicious sesame seaweed (really, the sesame seaweed was so good!!)

instead of prawns, I had some thai marinated tofu to eat with my dipping sauce and seaweed - YUM!

Next up, we filled the table with more salads than you could imagine!

I made this green salad - I marinated the red onion in lime juice for a few hours, and simply tossed mixed leaves with the onion, a chopped mango and a handful of chopped pecans.

Mango, avocado, capsicum & tomato salad - so colourful!!


A mixed bean salad

potato salad - Janet said this was the best potato salad she has ever eaten! (good job Kristy!)

My Pumpkin, Leek & Feta tart made another appearance - this time decorated with pumpkin stars!

Some more prawns!!!

Tomato, basil & Onion salad - nice christmassy colours!

Oh, and there was some meat.....Turkey with stuffing on this plate

This is the special vegetarian potato salad Kristy made for me - no meat in this one!!

A giant platter of Ham

This was my plate

And this was Janet's plate

Can we fit in any more food? Well there is ALWAYS room for dessert - especially at Christmas!

My favourite thing EVER - the Berries that my Granddad makes!

and of course, the traditional Christmas Pudding - it is flaming here - we managed quite an impressive flame this year, by warming the brandy in a saucepan before lighting it and pouring it over the pudding - too bad it doesn't show up in the photo!


Kylie said...

It all looks amazing. Something for everyone! :o)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Gorgeous spread of food there! :D I'm convinced that mangoes must appear on every Australian christmas table. I love this season with all the gorgeous mangoes available :)

caite said...

The tart is looking much better!