Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Lunch #1

Our first Christmas lunch of the season! We went to my Aunt  and Uncles place near Bribie for this delicious lunch

Mum made this cous cous salad - I love this - it has lots of little morsels of delicious vegies as well as feta cheese mixed through the fluffy cous cous

Some tomato, radish & cucumber salads - this combination looks so nice and Christmassy!!

I made this Pumpkin, Leek & Feta tart (I am making it again for Christmas day, and have come up with a way to decorate it to hopefully make it look a little more tasty!! - stay tuned for recipe in a future post!!)

Desley made this noodle salad, which I missed trying, but it looked delicious!

THere was also Barbequed chicken (and some other meats as well)

my plate

Janet's plate

Desley created this very tall dessert - it was a panetone layered with marscepone & custard -

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caite said...

the tart looks a lot better sliced.