Saturday, July 04, 2009

Out to Dinner - July - Shala Thai, Browns Plains

We were actually planning to go to the new Montezumas at Browns Plains, but so it seems was everyone else. Next time we will book :-) So we happily went to the new Thai place instead.

Fresh flowers on the table

We were given a complimentary plate of prawn chips, which Janet enjoyed.

Whats this? no spring rolls for me? I branched out and ordered the Tofu satay. This was delicious! Crispy on the outside, soft in the centre with a tasty sauce. This would have done me as a main meal.
Janet had the Spring Rolls - these were meaty ones

Steamed rice - yum!
I chose the mongolian tofu - it had a very gingery tang to the sauce. They had heaps of tofu options on the menu, and I want to go back and try some others! I couldn't eat all of this, and took the rest home for another day!

Janet had the honey king prawns

location : shop 5/18 commerce drive, browns plains (behind bunnings)


Christal Z said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog!!
We ate at Shala Thai tonight, I just wanted to
post our comment by saying the food was quite nice,
but we didn't get any fresh flowers or prawn crackers which I was quite disappointed with after reading your blog. ;)
The service was quite terrible actually, the brought out all entrees separately, we had to request they bring the mains out together. We ordered at about 5.45 and it took them over an hour to serve the mains at 6.45. We had to be st the movies by 7 so we really had to rush our meal. No apology for the delay....sadly we won't be dining in there again, and there is better Thai around.
I hope if you get there again that they have improved.
Thanks again for a the interesting reading! :)

Alibongo said...

thats a shame! We have not been back yet - Mae Ploy at Regents Park keeps drawing us back!