Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brewbakers, Albion!


A few weeks ago, I attended a bread and Pizza making calss at Brewbakers, Albion.  Owner, RIchard talked us through the many processes and calculations involved in creating the best bread ever!



These little balls of dough were so soft! We shaped them into pizza bases


topped them with a delicious selection of ingredients, and watched them go into the oven!



The pizzas came out crisp on the outside, yet soft and fluffy in the middle! Best pizza ever!!


We also had a go at shaping some bagels!!
I ate my bagel for lunch the next day - yum!


We also had a go at weighing out the correct amount of dough , and shaping into ciabatta loaf. Not as easy as it sounds!


brewbakers bread

We each took a just out of the oven loaf home! Miraculously, the loaf survived the drive home intact, and was enjoyed another day!

Now on my list of things to do is a visit to Brewbakers when the actual shop is open so I can try some more baked delights!!


Kylie said...

What a great thing to do - it all looks so yummy!

caite said...

what great fun!

that pizza looks wonderful...are you going to give us the dough recipe and some pointers in making it at some point? huh? :-)

Alibongo said...

well, I would, except we werent given any recipe's. And he had already made the dough for us to use! Main tip is to not overwork it once it is ready to be shaped!

Anonymous said...

how do i get on to one of these classes?