Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner at Home - Feta & Pumpkin Ravioli


yes, another "wonton wrapper" ravioli! These ones were better than my last attempt - I baked some pumpkin and mixed it with feta, garlic and sauted onion to create an absolutely delicious filling! I used a soft feta, so it mixed with the pumpkin beautifully. 


Superstar Janet said...

It was delicious! :-)

Jo said...

with the wonton wrappers, do you seal them up with some water? or milk? do you just boil them then like ordinary ravioli? I use the wrappers to make little cases for tiny little pizza pies for my kids

Alibongo said...

I brush the edges with a little beaten egg - because thats what the chef at the pasta class said to do - however, I think it would probably work with water also.