Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooking Class - Perfect Pasta @ Focus by James part 1 - entree!

For my birthday, Janet gave me this cooking class!! It was held at the Focus by James restaurant @ Springwood, and led by their chef! The cooking stations were all set up in the restaurant - with a gas burner for each pair of students.  A lot of the participants seemed to come with someone else, but there were a few of us who came on our own.

For each dish we cooked, the ingredients were brought to us all measured out in little containers!

Pumpkin & Persian Feta Ravioli with Sage & Butter
For entree, we made Pumpkin & Persian Feta Ravioli with Sage Butter.  This dish was made using wonton wrappers, rather than fresh pasta, a good shortcut to know if you don't want to mess around making the pasta dough yourself!.  The filling was simple to make, we simply mixed together roasted pumpkin, sauted onion, garlic & thyme, and some persian feta.  The key to making neat ravioli was to not try and put too much filling in!

mmmmmm butery goodness! The ravioli was cooked briefly in boiling water, then tossed in the sage and butter.

Pumpkin & Persian Feta Ravioli with Sage & Butter
the finished dish!! After we created each course, we sat down in the restaurant and ate our creation. and little fairies appeared to clear up our used pots and pans!

stay tuned for part 2 - the main course!


Kylie said...

Wow, that looks fantastic. What an incredible present to get!
Looking forward to seeing the main course.
PS - Any chance of sharing the recipe? :o)

Alibongo said...

I will certainly share the recipes - just have to locate them :-) Moving house has caused a little chaos, and we dont have internet at home yet, so posting is going to be a little slow.

caite said...

what a cool gift!
hope you had a great birthday!