Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooking Class - Dessert - Chocolate Ravioli with Honey Marscapone

Chocolate Pasta Dough

Now I do not have the actual recipe for this one, but to the regular pasta dough, some of the flour was substituted wit cocoa powder and some icing sugar. I do not know the ratio sorry (the recipe wasn't on the cd we recieved!)

After rolling out the pasta dough, we cut it into circles, and then filled it with a mixture of melted chocolate and cream. THese ravioli's were assembled in the same way as the wonton ravioli - each circle was brushed with egg wash, filled and then folded into a semicircle.  The ravioli was then cooked briefly in boiling water, and served with a mixture of Marscapone & honey

Chocolate Ravioli

Chocolate Ravioli

now after eating pasta for entree and pasta for main course, this was a little much for dessert, however, the oozy chocolate filling was absolutely delicious, and ravioli for dessert was a bit of a novelty.

This "Perfect Pasta" cooking class was really enjoyable, and a great way to spend an afternoon - cooking and eating!!

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