Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner at home - Pasta 2 ways

Both of these dishes started off in the same way - in a frying pan, I heated a little olive oil, and added a chopped onion, some chopped pumpkin and some chopped sweet potato, and fried until tender.  I was planning on tossing this through pasta for both of us, but as I cooked this mix of vegies, it put the idea of making a pumpkin and chick pea curry.

Since Janet doesnt like curry, I took half of the vegie mix out of the pan and popped it into a seperate pan with some bacon.

I then tossed this through the wholemeal pasta I had already cooked and bingo - bacon & pumpkin pasta

With the remaining vegies in the original pan, I added some kofta curry paste and a small tin of chick peas....

and there you have it, pumpkin & chick pea curry with wholemeal pasta!



caite said...

what is happening to me...I always pick the veggie choice?

Hey,did you do some blog redecorating? I always read it on Google reader so this is the first I noticed and you may have done it months ago.

Alibongo said...

just a little redecorating of the easy kind - just picked a new template!

caite said...

so did I!
well, it looks great.