Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tagged again

Here's another one - I got tagged by mamma jj over here

Craft Meme - pass it along to anyone you know who has ever crafted, attempted to craft, or been the victim of a drive by crafting.
Do you knit?no
Do you sew?No

Don't look it up. Don't. Look. It. Up. If you're reading this on someone Else's blog, do this part mentally before continuing on. Define the following terms, and when you're done, put the answers at the very bottom of this meme: tatting, flocking, kerf and selvedge - make up a definition if you don't know. At this location (with a link) add a crafting term you think is uncommon, but which you know, to the list for others to define.See end of post

What's your favorite craft store? I like shops with lots of paper & stamps and pens and lovely things like that. Scrapbooking shops I guess. Big W is ok too actually

Do you have a crafting hobby that is not knitting or sewing (what)? Yes - I make cards, I do a bit of digital scrapbooking, and I do some actual scrapbooking. But mainly Cardmaking with paper and also rubberstamps

Have you ever latch hooked anything? Is it still on display somewhere? Yes - a Kermit the Frog thing. I think its rolled up in the top of a cupboard somewhere. I never actually finished it.

.Doll crafting. Why do they do it? WHy not?

What was your favorite craft hobby as a child? probably pottery or something like that

.Do you admit to crafting, or do you call it something else (like DIY)?I would just call it by its name

List everything you've tried from a crafting perspective: heaps of paper crafts - like papertole, umm scrapping, stamping, embossing, glass etching, who knows!

Ever been injured while crafting? burns from embossing, cuts from craft knives

Has anything you've crafted been displayed at a state fair, regional fair, county fair, 4-H meeting, or similar event?I don't think so

Have you ever worn anything you bought at a crafting fair? (or anything someone bought you at a crafting fair)? nope
What's the most interesting thing you've ever crafted? I once created a paper mache Gole Logie
Have you ever sold your crafts? My Gran used to buy cards from me
Have you given your crafts to others?Since I make cards, yes - often!
.If you could instantly gain a crafting ability what would it be? It would be nice to be able to sew
And what would you make?clothes
For whom? for ME!
Do you have a relative who has crafted something that's considered a family (or personal) treasure? I don't think so
Before you look, how many pictures do you suspect are listed by Google related to the craft of sock monkeys? 352
Explain your personal, presumably ad hoc, opinion about people who virtually craft in virtual worlds (like World of Warcraft)? Is it crafting? I have no idea, but if they are creating something, then it is crafting.
What crafting skill would you refuse to learn despite having infinite time to learn it? crocheting.

tatting - making something look tatty
flocking - making something furry
skerf - the sound a cat makes as it throws up
selvedge - the edge of selve
wigjig -a dance with a wig

and I'm copping out and not tagging anyone else, because I am slack!

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boringsahm said...

Thanks for taking part in the silly tag. I'm rather amazed at how most people latched hooked, who would have guessed it was popular!