Monday, June 23, 2008

not much!

Not much has been happening lately. Janet has been working. LOTS. Overtime every day and then also Saturday morning. So we are spending the weekends relaxing. Well thats the aim! Over the past few weekends I have created a vegetable garden behind our shed (just have to get the dirt for it....), and yesterday I chopped some branches off a tree in the backyard (I whacked my head on it everytime I walked out there!).

Saturday was a busy morning for me - Janet had her car booked in for a service, so she took my car to work. I dropped her car off at Ultra Tune at 7.30am and then ran home. I then hung out the washing and all that fun house stuff before I headed off with Jeya to the vet for her yearly injection. Its only 3Km to the vet, but it would be helpful if there were more footpaths. We both got very wet feet. By the time we walked to the vet and back, it was just about time for Janet to get home, and off we went to pick up the other car.

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