Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Blog

I have decided to set up a separate blog for our holiday photos and once I have that sorted I will post the link. Might take me a little while to organise!!

So we have been back almost a week now.....back to the real world indeed! I was shocked and amazed to discover I did not put on any weight while we were away. That is a minor miracle. Considering all the rubbish we were eating.

I went this morning for my first morning run in about a million years. I really need to get into a routine, so today was the first go! I didn't run for the whole time, but it felt good. I will be able to build myself back up. I've heard that the Bridge to Brisbane has been changed this year, and my parents aren't going to do it, so I am not either, since they were my ride there...anyway, I will be looking for some other runs to get into.

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