Saturday, April 26, 2008

Celine Concert (31st March 2008)

We were picked up by the Limo and taken to the entertainment centre, which was very cool indeed!! Luckily I had the camera in my pocket, as they were searching people and not letting cameras in. They didn't see mine. Once we got through security, we had to find Robyn Bailey from 97.3FM. This was quite easy, since we had just heard her on the radio describing the shoes she was wearing, so we recognised her as soon as she walked through the door. We then had to wait around for a really long time in the foyer. Some Sony people arrived and gave us a sticker to wear, and told us that there would be a group photo taken. Eventually we were taken out into the back stage area. We then waited here near the stage door for a really long time. We saw Anthony Callea (the support act) walk past us and onto the stage to perform, and then he came off stage and walked past again. He really is very short. Then, after standing in the corridor for what seemed like forever, we were taken in to Celine's dressing room to meet her. It was quite something. She was all done up and ready to go on stage. She really had a major presence about her. (I am not a big Celine fan - that's Janet's department, but even for me, it was a big deal). So we got to shake Celine's hand (I think all I said to her was "hello") and then we had to group tpgether for a photo. Janet jumped in immediately and managed to be right next to her, so that was exciting! And then it was all over an we went out to our seats. Janet swapped her ticket back with her Mum, since the ticket Janet had bought was in the third row. The tickets from the radio station were way up high, so Pam & I sat up there and Janet was up the front. I got to try out our new camera's zoomability.

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scrappity said...

Hey Ali,

Did you win a competition to meet Celine? Limo, sony reps, wow :)

That's cool that you got to meet her.