Monday, February 04, 2008

we went to the Movies!!

You'd think with all this rain we've been getting that the dams would be filling up a bit more than they are. I guess they built the dams in the wrong places. Oh well, we have a lake in our backyard again.

We went to the movies yesterday - we saw "the Jane Austen Book Club" and I just loved it. It was a good happy movie. Well apart from the first 10 minutes or so, which had me slightly worried, but it was onwards and upwards from then on! I liked how the ladies were allowed to "look their age" big fan of that. And well I just love Maria Bello, so that helped me along with giving the movie 2 thumbs up. I spent half the movie trying to work out where I knew the actress who played Judging Amy's daughter in this movie. I got it in the end. She played Shannon in Lost. Well I think the dark hair certainly suits her a lot better than the blonde she had in Lost. so yes I really liked this movie!!

They have introduced "allocated seating" in the movie theatres. This is kind of strange. Having to choose where you will sit before you go in. It also means getting to the theatre early to ensure a good seat. I now feel the need to question the ticket seller about the size of the theatre. This is important, because you have to choose if you want front, middle or back tickets. These options are greatly different depending on the size of the theatre. I mean a couple of weeks ago we chose back tickets for a small theatre, and were actually in the very back row. Yesterday I chose front of back tickets because it was a huge theatre. What will they come up with next! Gone are the days of rocking up to the movies and choosing where to sit based on the cleanliness of the seat, and the whereabouts of the other movie goers!

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