Monday, August 09, 2010

Big Weekend!! - how to buy and sell some houses!

Its been a while between updates, and I have photos on my camera of several meals that I havent gotten around to uploading yet. ooops! However, things are about to get a little busy very soon! We had a HUGE Saturday -

10am - looked at a house. we LOVED it.
11am - looked at another house - didnt like it
12pm - signed up to put our house on the market
1pm - Lunch at foodcourt :-)
1.05pm - Real Estate agent calls to say he has a couple to bring through house at 3pm
1.10 pm - quickly grabbed the shopping we needed
1.30pm - home to tidy up house and pull special rose out of garden and into pot
1.45 pm - Hands bleeding thanks to rose bush extraction.  Real Estate calls again - another agent will bring people through at 2.30, and 2 other agents will come to have a look at 2
2-3.30pm - people coming and going.
3.30 - take puppy for walk to get out of house
4.00pm - Real estate calls - have an offer and will bring contract round (yay!!)
5.00pm - we accept offer. contract signed with 28 day settlement (panic!!).
5.15 - off to look at first house again
5.30 - make offer on house
5.45 - off to a 40th birthday party!!
8pm - Call from agent - our offer is accepted!

Crazy Crazy day!!


Kylie said...

What an amazing day Ali! Congrats on the new house, and what an amazingly fast turn around time on your place.

Gastronomy Gal said...

Wow- that is seriously out of control! Congratulations! That is the quickest sale I have ever heard of.

Stacey said...

Wow! Congrats! Would love to see pics of this house!!!

caite said...

gosh, that was fast.
it would take me longer than that to decide what to have for

Duane said...

We thought we had a quick one for us, but selling and buying houses in one day - that is lightning fast.