Monday, February 25, 2008

New blinds are up!


We spent Saturday afternoon as prisoners in our house, since we had to wait for the people to come and install the blinds between 12 and 5. So of course they arrived at 5. And of course it was the hottest day ever (well in a long time anyway....) But we now have lovely new blinds. Now if I was clever I would have taken a photo and posted it, but we are no longer so snap-happy when it comes to our house. Once upon a time we would take a photo of every tiny change we made. But no more. I'll get the new blinds to "say cheese" tonight.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Blind people are coming!!

The Blind people are coming on Saturday. Not visually impaired people. The people that will put up our new Blinds! The Blinds that will mean that people can no longer see into our house! The blinds that will not be shredded by naughty cats. So yes, this is very exciting. Kind of mysterious too, since I have had absolutely nothing to do with choosing the Blinds. Apparently they will be the colour of our drainpipes. Sounds kind of bizzarre hey!! My job on Saturday morning is taking down the old ones. I have already had a go, and this will be easy, so no problems there. It will be interesting to see what the place looks like with some sparkling new Blinds!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

it worked!

three cheers that the mower worked and I got the whole yard mowed without it breaking down. Hip-Hip-Hooray.

Yesterday we finished booking the rest of our trip. So we are all set now...bring on April!! Okay, so we still need to get a bag for Janet, and maye a few warm clothes, but apart from that we are all set.

We even met our newest neighbour on the weekend. We have now spoken to the new people about 10 tims more than we ever spoke to the old ones. She even offered to feed the cats for us when we go away. Wow. A big difference from bug-a-lugs and b****face.

Friday, February 08, 2008

we need a goat.

yes, a goat. It would probably be more effective than the lawn mower at the moment! I took the mower for a service lmost 4 weeks ago. Because it was blowing out smoke. Not a little smoke. Great big clouds of smoke. So it had its service, along with every other mower in the world. I picked it up yesterday. I had great visions of myself going home and zipping through at least the front lawn, so that it would be all nice and tidy for when Janet came home (she was working late - so not home till after 8).

The first issue to occur was that the starter cord did not retract properly when I started the mower. This was a new problem. Never had any starting issues before. But anyhow, the mower was up and running. yay. halfway along my first sweep of the footpath, and the smoke started coming out as per usual. So I stopped the mower and stomped back inside. (All along I could see the neighbours across the road in their lounge room watching me...that only makes everything worse..grrrrr).So no mowing. I tried to ring the service shop but of course they were closed. So a text to Janet to have a whinge. So after a counselling session on the phone with Janet I slinked out the front to retrieve the mower.

I have this morning taken it back to the service centre. And managed to convince them that they did a crap job. (The guy tried to tell me that it was normal to burn a bit of oil, but after he took it out the back and tried it told me he wasn't happy with it and I had every right to bring it back. thank you.).

So just now I have recieved a text telling me that it is once again ready to pick up. Hopefully this time it is actually going to work properly. We shall see.

It would be nice for our house to no longer look like it has been abandoned. Beware, anyone trying to visit is advised to byo machete.

Monday, February 04, 2008

A few new layouts

I have to look up the credits for this one when I get home.
Credits: Flergs Strawberry Delight mini kit
credit: Amanda Walters Apirations Kit

we went to the Movies!!

You'd think with all this rain we've been getting that the dams would be filling up a bit more than they are. I guess they built the dams in the wrong places. Oh well, we have a lake in our backyard again.

We went to the movies yesterday - we saw "the Jane Austen Book Club" and I just loved it. It was a good happy movie. Well apart from the first 10 minutes or so, which had me slightly worried, but it was onwards and upwards from then on! I liked how the ladies were allowed to "look their age" big fan of that. And well I just love Maria Bello, so that helped me along with giving the movie 2 thumbs up. I spent half the movie trying to work out where I knew the actress who played Judging Amy's daughter in this movie. I got it in the end. She played Shannon in Lost. Well I think the dark hair certainly suits her a lot better than the blonde she had in Lost. so yes I really liked this movie!!

They have introduced "allocated seating" in the movie theatres. This is kind of strange. Having to choose where you will sit before you go in. It also means getting to the theatre early to ensure a good seat. I now feel the need to question the ticket seller about the size of the theatre. This is important, because you have to choose if you want front, middle or back tickets. These options are greatly different depending on the size of the theatre. I mean a couple of weeks ago we chose back tickets for a small theatre, and were actually in the very back row. Yesterday I chose front of back tickets because it was a huge theatre. What will they come up with next! Gone are the days of rocking up to the movies and choosing where to sit based on the cleanliness of the seat, and the whereabouts of the other movie goers!