Thursday, September 18, 2008

The reason I needed the new bike....

We had a lovely weekend. Yes, we got a whole box of Dreamy Donuts. And ate them all. We chose 6 different varieties, and had half of each one. (we had a voucher - a mixed box for $10)The absolute best in my opinion is still the Cinnamon Glazed. I haven't found a donut I like better. The Choc topped ones suprised me with the large amount of chocolate, but they were probably my least favorite (and I absolutely LOVE chocolate.) We also tried the choc filled and the caramel filled. THey are filled with flavoured custard. I think they may be better if they were actually filled with chocolate & caramel. The last of the flavours was the traditional glazed, which was also great.

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caite said...

I am a fan of the toasted coconut donut.
But actually, I can't say that I ever met a donut I truly disliked a great deal.