Thursday, August 14, 2008

its Magic!

Last Friday, we went out for dinner for my Birthday. I chose to go to The Magic Wok in Sunnybank, as its a vegetarian restaurant and I have been wanting to go there for ages! I was really looking foward to trying lots of different things, instead of the usual thing of having 1 vegie dish. SO Mum, Dad, Scott, Gina, Janet & I all had the Magic Wok experience! It was kind of strange, because they have things on the menu that do not sound like they are vegie - Lemon Chicken for example! But they are all vegetarian. Lemon ChickenSweet & Sour Fish
Mum & Dad


So the verdict on the food? My favorite dish was the crispy fried egg plant. If I went again, I wouldn't be ordering the fake "meat" dishes. But as a novelty, it was fun. That chicken was very chicken-like. And Janet, who is no vegetarian enjoyed the food, so perhaps the fake meat dishes are best for meat eaters who don't want to feel like they are missing out on anything.

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