Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jetty 2 Jetty

Sunday July 22 2007 - the Jetty to Jetty Fun Run at Redcliffe. This was my first ever race, and it was meant to be part of my training for the upcoming Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run on August 5.

I started well, and made it to the 6K mark in 38 minutes which I was happy with. It was just after this that it all went wrong. I went over on my left ankle somehow and stacked it! Yes, I fell flat on the ground. And as you do when you fall down in public, I jumped right back up and told all the concerned people around me that I was ok. (I didn't want people stopping their run because of me!) . I peeked under my sock and saw that my ankle was swelling up, but I could still walk on it. I went to an official who told me the next chewck point was 500m up the road, so I headed that way. When I got there, they didn't have any ice, but offered to drive me to the finish. I decided I wanted to finish, so I kept going. I walked the final 4K's, except for the final 500m which I slowly ran - I wanted to look good crossing the finish line. (well at least like I as trying!). I finished in 1:25:02. I came 746th, or 109th in my age group. So next race I guess I have an easy mark to beat.
We went to the medical centre Sunday afternoon, and had x-rays. I can get the x-ray results today. I am really annoyed at myself for falling. I was looking foward to finishing this race properly. And running the whole way! Oh well - next time I guess!

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westmaple said...

Ouch!!!!! I can't believe you finished after that. That looks soooo painful.