Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short Road Trip

Yesterday (after watching the weather and determining that it was the most likely day this week of NOT having a storm)we went on a drive - destination Montville. We left very early considering we are on holidays, because we wanted to beat the traffic on the Gateway. SO we left here at 6am. We stopped at our usual service centre at Nudgee for some brekky on the way. I got one of those Bacon & Egg McMuffins with Avocado and Tomato. Minus the bacon & egg! Quite delicious!!

It was such a clear day that I decided we should go up to the Wild Horse Mountain Lookout to checkout the view of the Glass House Mountains. It is only a 700metre walk, but it is rather steep. Well worth it though - the view is excellent!

So after stopping for breakfast, climbing the hill and getting back in the car, it was still only just after 8. So onwards and upwards to Montville.

The idea of going to Montville came about because we were watching "The Great South East" and they did a story about the Candy shop up there - I wanted to see the guy making the candy - it looked really cool. Plus we thought it would be good to go and look in all the other shops up there. We got there just before 9, parked the car and got out for a wander. We were a little worried because nothing seemed to be open. Even the visitor information centre didn't open until 10. So we forced ourselves to sit down at a cafe for a cup of tea (or diet coke) and some Scones. mmmmmmm. Great scones! The lady at the cafe also was able to tell us where the candy shop was, since we failed to spot it during our wander down the street.

Eventually shops seemed to be opening, so we were able to have a bit of a browse around. The candy shop however didn't open until 10.30. And when we went in there, the guy saud there were no demonstrations happening. So that was a shame. But we bought some candy and continued on our way along the street.

Once we had had enough of Montville, we got back in the car and went to Maleny. We stopped at a lookout on the way - how green is it!!!

After parking the car (they had silly reverse in angled parking) We found somewhere for lunch. I had the best lunch ever. It was a tofu burger with the crunchiest, tastiest chips ever. The burger was on a turkish bread roll, which is always a fantastic idea, a slice of marinated tofu, with a delicious mix of salad, and satay sauce. Wow. I should have taken a photo, because it was truly wonderful.
Then it was back into the nicely heated up car and off to Caloundra. We wandered the main street, as is customary, and then we headed to sit by the water for a while.

We had thought we might stay up there and get some dinner, but it was only 3.30, and we didn't really have anything else to entertain us for a few more hours, so we decided to just head home. We managed to miss most of the traffic too - hooray!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

shiny and new

I had to go this morning to help out in another brand spanking new Woolies store. So brand new that it still appeared that they were in the process of building it. And the carpark was virtually non existant. But at least now they have a lovely neat, tidy and filled toilet roll section. Beautiful! :-)