Friday, August 24, 2007

theres a lake in our backyard!!

Now ordinarily this wouldn't be good news, but what the hey! We haven't had enough rain to have a lake in our backyard for ages!!!! Now, if only we had a water tank......

Haven't been for a work walk all week, since it has been rainy and windy and not at all weather for being outside! I have however been pedalling my bike a bit in front of Seinfeld Season 8 dvd's, and have burned 858 calories so far this week. More to go yet.

Weighed in at 69kg this morning, so have just broken through the 70's barrier!! Three cheers for me! hahaha.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

its a snake!!

These are some pictures of the wildlife in my parents backyard. And the result of what happens when you mix a carpet python with a Jack Russell. Yep a Jack Russell with a swollen face from being bitten by the snake. Poor Lochie

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

tomorrow is a holiday!

Yay for holidays!!

We get tomorrow (wednesday) off for the Ekka. We already went to the Ekka, and it would be crazy to go on the holiday, because thats when everyone else will be going. So...a free day!! ot sure what we shall get up to yet - I'd like to go somewhere and walk up a mountain or through the bush or something like that. We will probably stay home, so I will at least take Jeya for a walk!

I have my lovely new Polar F11 heart rate monitor to play with! My parents gave it to me for my birthday. It is the coolest thing on earth! Now I can accurately know how many calories I am burning when I exercise. It also keeps a record of each session and heaps more stuff I haven't worked out yet! So super cool!

Its nearly lunch time, so i will be popping out for a half hour walk. Too bad this office isn't somewhere less industrial - walking would be much more pleasant! I still can't run on my ankle, but walking seems to be ok, so I am stickng with that for a bit!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We went to the Ekka!

Yes, we risked the deadly flu and went to the Ekka. And we are both still alive and kicking (well so far!!). We caught the train in and shared our carriage with a class of primary school kids. VERY NOISY!! And they seemed ot have the most disorganised teachers who didn't even know that the train went directly to the Ekka? Oh well, they made it there - can't say if they all made it home or not!!
The Ekka hasn't changed much since the last time I was there, in fact it probably hasn't changed much since the FIRST time I was there. Which is really cool! So we wandered sideshow alley, we had a go on the clowns and got the "every player wins a prize" prize. We sat in the sunshine and watched some woodchopping - and were amazed at how fast those guys can get through a log!

The Ekka may be one of the only places where you will see a bunch of cows being given a shampoo!

We saw lots and lots of cows.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Happy Birthday to me!!!

had as nice a birthday that is possible on a work day!

Miss Janet gave me some lovely new cargo pants that fit me perfectly! (no more saggy baggy pants for me!) And I also got a lovely supply of sparkly Bonds undies. I love Bonds undies.

We will go on Sunday to my parents place for lunch! yummmmmm!

Excellent birthday weigh in of 70kg! Happy am I!

Tomorrow we go to the Ekka! We are catching a train!!!! Haven't been for years and years! Must remember the camera! And the germ repellent!!